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Suspension and Brakes

Armorquip suggests that all heavier duty armored vehicles - Suburban, Lexus, Range Rover, Toyota, Jeep Cherokee and more, to upgrade the suspension, shocks, ECM and brakes.


All cars and trucks have Electronic Control Module set to factory setting for the weight and size of the vehicle. Most armored vehicles need the ECM set to a custom setting to provide better higher output with improves power & toque

Leaf Springs

Besides supporting the weight of a vehicle, the leaf springs control the ride height and keep the tires in contact with the road. Additional leaf springs are installed to increase vehicle load caring capacity and create a firmer ride.

Heavy Duty Rotors

To improve the overall effectiveness or performance of the vehicle's original braking system with the additional armor weight; this is achieved by replacing OEM brakes with proformance style braking components.

Brake Pads

OEM brakes are replaced with High Performance Engineered brake pads that reduce noise, vibration, and harshness while extremely braking; specially formulated with ceramic compound for an increased stopping power and stable friction output with extended pad life.