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Ballistic Glass

Ballistic glass or Bullet proof glass barriers can be shaped to fit OEM specs for windshields and other curved surfaces. Available in B4, B6 and B7 level. All levels of bullet proof auto glass the visibility is never compromised for safety. All levels of ballistic glass can also be offer with a low spall and no spall barrier. Armorquip can provide bullet proof auto glass, bullet resistant glass, polycabonate clads and security glass for all types or Armored vehicles and institutional applications. Armorquip can supply bullet proof glass for all application from government, military, discrete vehicle executive/celebrity, boats, security, retail stores, guard houses and all other custom ballistic / impact resistant applications. Please contact us with all you bullet proof glass needs. Click here to contact us or call.

Ballistic Glass process of design: Auto bullet proof Glass, Curved Glass

  1. Glass with ceramic frit: This is the outer sheet of glass that looks very much like the original equipment glass in both shape and size.
  2. PVB: This is the adhesive innerlayer between sheets of glass.
  3. Glass: Second sheet of glass.
  4. PVB: This is the adhesive inner layer between sheets of glass.
  5. Glass: Third sheet of glass.
  6. PVB: This is the adhesive inner layer between sheets of glass.
  7. Glass: Fourth and last sheet of glass. It is cut smaller and forms the channel that will innerlock with a similar mating hard armor frame surrounding the door.
  8. Polyurethane: This is the adhesive inner layer between glass and the polycarbonate which act as an anti spall shield.
  9. Polycarbonate with abrasive resistant coating: The polycarbonate acts as an antispall shield.